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The Gadget Guy: Safety gadgets

The Gadget Guy: Abobe Lock: Retrofit Smart Lock


1. Yarbo Snow Blower S1  – Modular Yard Care Robot 

Transform your yard maintenance with the Yarbo Snow Blower S1, a modular yard care robot that adapts to all your outdoor needs, and keeps your home’s surroundings safe and clean all year. With its innovative modular design, this robot can easily switch between a snow blower, lawn mower, and leaf blower, making it a versatile tool for every season, while its robust construction and temperature-resistant batteries ensure efficient operation in high and low temperatures. It comes equipped with a radar, 3 cameras, and utilizes smart obstacle avoidance technology, allowing it to spot anything within 5 ft. ahead and 16 ft. on the sides, ensuring safety for people and pets. Powered by advanced AI algorithms, Yarbo automatically navigates complex environments and performs tasks with minimal human intervention. Via the Yarbo App, users can schedule snow clearing, as well as monitor and control its operation.  


2. T-Mobile SyncUP KIDS Watch – High-End Smartwatch for Kids w/ GPS Tracking & SOS 


Keep tabs on the kids with TMobile’s SyncUP KIDS Watch. This high-end smartwatch phone for kids, ages 5 to 11, has a durable water-resistant construction and integrates a scratch-and-shatter-resistant 1.4” TFT color touchscreen display with a 360p x 320p resolution, and a built-in camera for shooting selfies. It comes embedded with a SIM card and is powered by T-Mobile’s network, featuring 4G LTE connectivity for texts, voice calls, video calls, and voice messaging to unlimited parent-approved contacts configured through the SyncUP KIDS app. Plus, the SyncUP sports GPS connectivity for real-time GPS location tracking, allowing parents to see their child’s current location via the app. Parents can also configure virtual boundaries and receive app alerts if their kids leave a designated area, such as their school or a friend’s house. The watch also features safety functionalities, including a Help button which lets kids alert their designated emergency contacts (pre-configurable by parents) and call 911, plus a School Mode that blocks distracting functionalities when enabled. Kids are also offered a digital 9-key keypad for dialing, a software keyboard for messaging, interactive character animations, themes for customizing the watch’s appearance, and games that come pre-installed. The watch has 1GB RAM, runs on Android 8.1, features Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi connectivity for pairing it with the app, has a long-lasting battery life, and supports USB-C charging.  


3. Abode Lock – Retrofit Smart Lock w/ Bluetooth Keypad & Fingerprint Reader 

$159.99 $129.99 (SALE) 

Enhance your home’s security with the Abode Lock. This retrofit Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock offers you a simple DIY installation, transforming any latch-style deadbolt into a smart lock without requiring you to change complicated door hardware. The lock is compatible with all standard deadbolts, has a durable and weather-resistant construction, and also comes with a Bluetooth keypad, which enables simple and secure exterior access via PIN code or fingerprint recognition. The lock features Wi-Fi connectivity for pairing it with the Abode App, which lets you configure customizable pin codes that can be permanent, single-use, and time-limited. YOu can add unique fingerprints, monitor the lock’s current status, and lock and unlock it from anywhere. The lock also integrates a large rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 12-months on a single charge with average use. Low battery warnings are issued to users via the app to help ensure continuous protection. The Abode Lock can be used as a standalone solution or integrated seamlessly into an existing Abode smart home security system, offering enhanced security and flexibility to all users. When integrated into a larger Abode system operating on an Abode plan (Standard for $6.99/mo or Pro for $21.99/mo), the lock is capable of powerful home automation, including scheduling and geolocation capabilities. 


4. LOXX BOXX – Smart Package Delivery Box for Secure Package Drop Offs 

$399 ($448 w/ solar panel) 

Monitor and receive package deliveries at home safely and remotely while keeping them protected from porch pirates and bad weather with the LOXX BOXX. This smart package delivery box packs an extremely durable construction, built from sturdy 16 gauge alloy steel. It has large and spacious storage with over 8 cubic ft. capacity for securely storing multiple packages that are delivered to you. It comes equipped with a Wi-Fi Protected Setup button that lets you easily unlock it to quickly access your packages. It also integrates a built-in high-capacity power bank that provides it with backup power to ensure your packages remain protected during power outages, plus a built-in audible tamper alarm that’s triggered if the box is tampered with. It features optional LTE (cellular) connectivity, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Via the Loxx Boxx App, users are offered a subscription-based Monitoring Service, (free for the first 30 days), where they can monitor packages being delivered to their Loxx Boxx in real-time, create and manage admin-use and one-time access codes, track deliveries, track the unit’s internal temperature, receive notifications for package deliveries and code uses, as well as alerts regarding potential tampers or high temperatures. The LOXX BOXX is delivered to your home already fully assembled. For having LTE connectivity, you’ll have to purchase it together with a dedicated solar panel. 


5. D-Link AQUILA PRO AI AX6000 (M60) – Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router 


With AI-optimized Wi-Fi 6 speeds, uninterrupted coverage without dead zones, and the ability to support numerous connected devices, the D-Link AQUILA PRO AI AX6000 (M60) can power even the most demanding of smart homes. This cutting-edge dual-band Wi-Fi 6 mesh router comes equipped with 8 built-in omnidirectional dual band antennas to ensure a 360° spherical Wi-Fi coverage of up to 3,000 sq. ft. It features an intelligent AI-powered Wi-Fi 6 connectivity with 1024-QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) that automatically scans for the best interference-free channels. It provides Wi-Fi 6 speeds up to 6Gbps with a 160MHz bandwidth. Its AI-powered Wi-Fi boasts self-healing mesh capabilities for a stable connection, an AI Traffic Optimizer that uses advanced QoS network prioritization technology to optimize traffic, and premium security features like advanced parental controls and support for WPA3 encryption. It also integrates a 2.5 Gbps WAN Port for getting the most from a Gigabit (or faster) Internet connection. You can also add units to expand coverage and build a whole home mesh network. Via the AQUILA PRO AI app, you can set up and monitor your network to ensure it runs at peak performance.  


6. Carved iPhone 15 Pro Wood+Resin Live Edge Traveler Phone Cases & Carved Circle Wood+Resin Wireless Charger 

$189 | $39 

Carved’s iPhone 15 Pro Wood+Resin Traveler Phone Cases offer a unique blend of style and function. These unique handmade wood phone cases are designed specifically for Apple’s iPhone smartphones, now including the entire iPhone 15 lineup, and also for the Samsung Galaxy phones (starting from the S20 line up to the S24 line). Each case is carefully made in Elkhart, Indiana, using real Maple wood burl and epoxy resin. These cases feature clicky, tactile Action buttons and customizable metal button accents that ensure functionality, are rated to have a robust drop-protection, come fully fitted with a MagSafe compatibility magnet, and support both MagSafe and Qi Wireless charging. —-Alongside their phone cases, there’s also Carved’s Circle Wood+Resin Wireless Chargers. Handcarved in Carved’s workshop in Elkhart, Indiana, using a CNC machined aluminum body and integrated with a distinctive wood and resin inlay, these one-of-a-kind Qi wireless chargers are compact and sport a beautiful minimalist design. The Wood+Resin top, paired with aluminum housing, makes for a charger that’s as sturdy as it is stylish. Encased in a durable CNC machined aluminum body, these MagSafe-compatible chargers supports Qi-enabled devices with ease. Each device comes with an integrated 3 ft. USB-C cable.