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The Gadget Guy shares home automation gadgets

Here to share latest and greatest in the world of gadgets is The Gadget Guy himself, David Novak!Novi Security 4-1 HD Camera, Motion and Smoke Detector $299.99

Novi’s battery powered 4-in-1 Home Security is the perfect solution for apartments, homes, or small businesses. Control your system all from the Novi App, and you’ll receive picture notifications any time motion or smoke is detected. Novi is the only security system that combines wireless security with a smoke detector, and there are no contracts or monthly fees. Finally, a security system that gives you exactly what you want with no strings attached. (video: Airhome Audio System $1,500-$2,500

Airhome offers a complete home audio, which consists of a wall-mounted control panel which plugs into a power outlet. In front there are five slots that house a compact amplifiers, available in 40 or 75 watt versions, both with built-in Wi-Fi. Each amplifier is configured with Airhome’s iOS app to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Speakers are wired to the Airhome panel. With five amplifier slots, one Airhome panel can power up to five “rooms” of audio, and additional panels can be added if you want more coverage. Once connected, you can stream Wi-Fi audio using Apple’s AirPlay, controlling your own music collection. (video: SmartHome Fragrance System $189 (Unit plus one fragrance)

AERA is the first-ever Internet of Things Home Fragrance System, created by the same company – Prolitec – that delivers subtle fragrances to restaurants, hotels, stores, malls, movie theaters and more…all over the world. Yes, even if you love scented candles, you’ll love the modern way AERA delivers its scents to any room in your home. In a way, it’s kind of like the SONOS OF SCENT, created by the world’s finest perfumers. And with its easy-to-use app, you can activate AERA wherever you are…in your car, while you’re shopping and doing errands, wherever…setting the time and intensity as you wish. AERA comes with one fragrance, and there are all together 8 different fragrances, each sold separately at $47 each. This nose knows that AERA makes great sense and great scents. (video:

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