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The Gadget Guy: Smart gadgets

The Gadget Guy: Smart gadgets

 1. Das Keyboard 6 Professional – High-End Mechanical Keyboard w/ Media Controls 

Starting at $199 
For office workers looking for a great keyboard for their typing needs, whether that involves coding or simply compiling notes and preparing files, go with the Das Keyboard 6 Professional. This high-end mechanical keyboard features a premium aluminum enclosure, and comes equipped with industry-leading Cherry MX brown switches with gold crosspoint technology, providing users with high-precision electrical contact that lasts 100 million keystrokes with no loss of quality, allowing for an exceptional typing experience. Its Soft Pressure Point switch technology ensures its keys sound less clicky while also providing an awesome tactile experience. The keyboard also features a Clear LED backlight that perfectly illuminates its keys, and feature laser-etched shine-through ABS keycaps with a clean font, making them easily visible for working both during daytime and night. It also integrates 2 USB-C ports, a built-in adjustable volume knob and media button controls, which allow users to play, pause, or skip tracks instantly, a lighting key, and a sleep key for putting it in stand-by. If you don’t like the Cherry MX brown switches, you can instead get Cherry MX blue switches, which can withstand up to 50 million keystrokes.  


2. Watchitude Tag’d – Trackable Watch for Kids w/ Apple AirTag Compatibility 

Parents can keep tabs of their kids and have peace of mind knowing where they are by gifting them the Watchitude Tag’d Trackable Watch. This trackable slap-on watch for kids is suitable for children of all ages, featuring a durable and kid-friendly design, a 9-inch silicone wristband that makes it comfortable to wear all day long, plus a simple setup and an intuitive interface which ensures kids can learn how to set the time independently. It also features compatibility with Apple’s AirTag via a dedicated AirTag slot located under the watch’s dial, allowing parents to track the watch’s location and their kid’s current whereabouts at any time of the day via the Apple Find My App, such as while their kids are on the school bus, during playdates with friends, or while they’re at school. For its power, it utilizes a CR2016 3V Lithium battery. The watch is available in a wide variety of vibrant and fun designs.  

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3. Linxura Smart Controller – Portable Smart Home Controller 


Easily control all your smart home devices remotely with the click of a button with the Linxura Smart Controller. This portable smart home controller makes it simple to control all the smart devices in your home without resorting to multiple apps or even having to configure a hub. You can bring it with you anywhere around the house and remotely control your smart home devices, whether you’re in the kitchen, on the couch, or even in bed. It allows more than 50 smart home devices to be configured, including those controlled by Alexa, Google Home and through IFTTT, featuring compatibility with all those smart home systems. Integrated at the center of Linxura, there’s a built-in e-paper screen showing four devices at a time to control, with a click wheel around the screen to select other pages for devices and control them. Functions can be customized to work the way you prefer, including configuring custom one-button presses to control multiple devices at once, or you can fully automate scenes to occur on your preferred schedule. Whether it’s setting the perfect morning ambiance or streamlining your daily routines, Linxura Scenes make smart living effortless and personalized. The Linxura Smart Controller was awarded the “Best New Home Automation Hardware Solution” at the 2023 CEDIA Expo by rAVe Pubs. Available in three colors: Snow Pearl, Midnight Onyx and Sterling Moon.  


4. Azulle Elite Raptor Lake – High-Performance Mini PC w/ Customizable Specs (RAM / Storage / OS) 

Starts at $539.99 

The Azulle Elite Raptor Lake is Azulle’s highly powerful barebones mini PC. Ideal for businesses in search of reliable and top-notch hardware for a wide variety of industrial applications, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), point-of-sale systems, edge computing, thin client replacements, and more. It features an Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake processor, either 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB DDR4 RAM (or no RAM), and either 128GB or 960GB storage (or no storage). Its operating system is also customizable, in which you can choose between no OS, Windows 11 Pro, or Linux. It also integrates a wide array of connectivity options, including a Gigabit LAN Ethernet port and a standard LAN port, 3 HDMI ports supporting a video output up to 4K at 60 fps, 2 USB-A 3.1 ports and 2 USB-A 2.0 ports, a M.2 slot for connecting an external SSD, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a Kensington Lock, plus Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi connectivity.