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The latest 2023 jean jacket trends

Looking for some fresh style inspiration? Look no further than Creating Style with Colton Howard, featuring fashion designer Taylor Nelson.

Taylor Nelson is a hand-sewn, creative couture fashion designer with a passion for versatile high fashion concepts made for everyday wear. She is self-taught and her pieces are designed to break down the barriers between runway fashion and everyday wear. Her goal is to change the concept of what high fashion and couture can be and to eliminate the boxes that fashion is often placed within.

During the show, Howard and Nelson showcased some of her latest designs. We highlighted the versatility of Nelson’s designs and how they can be styled to fit any occasion.

Nelson also shared her journey as a self-taught fashion designer, as well as her love for denim and its place in the fashion industry in 2023.

Don’t miss out on the style inspiration from Creating Style with Colton and Taylor Nelson. Follow Howard and Nelson on Instagram for more fashion inspiration, and contact Nelson at to bring some of her hand-sewn couture designs into your own wardrobe.

Instagram: Colton Howard | Instagram: Taylor Nelson