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The Lazy Frogg

New lakeside spot Lazy Frogg has opened on Morse Reservoir (409. W. Jackson St., Cicero, 317-843-9100), serving up a mix of pub grub and fine-dining options ranging from flatbreads and burgers to steak and seafood with a focus on ‘from scratch’ cooking using the best local ingredients.

It sports a fun atmosphere, plenty of outside seats, an outside bar and shrimp hut with live music a couple times a week and if you are boating on lake, they offer boat parking.

The Lazy Frogg has areas for both families as well as the over 21 crowd. They offer a full bar with a great wine selection and some incredible signature cocktails, draft and bottled beers and several local and craft options.

Currently open Tuesday-Sunday at 4:00pm, they have plans to expand the hours during the summer months with added lunch and brunch menus on the weekends.  If you want to make sure you have a seat, they do take reservations.RECIPES:

Parmesan Risotto serves 4

Yellow Onions, Diced 2 oz

Butter 2 oz

Arborio Rice 8 oz

Chicken Stock 22 oz

Parmesan Cheese 4 oz

Heavy Cream 2 oz

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

1. Sweat the onions in the butter until translucent (you could add some minced garlic, be sure to not burn it)

2. Add the aborio rice in and stir until you smell a little bit of a nutty aroma

3. Add the stock a little bit at a time, stirring constantly until the rice absorbs the stock and is just cooked.

4. Fold in the parmesan cheese, cream and season with salt and pepper.

Honey & Smoked Jalapeño Glaze Serves 4

Honey 2 oz

Worcestershire sauce 1 oz

Lemon Juice 1 oz

Smoked Jalapeno Peppers 1.5 oz also called chipotle peppers

Brown Sugar 2 oz

Dijon Mustard 0.5 oz

Cumin, ground pinch

1 Simmer gently until all the flavors merge together.

2 Let cool slightly and pulse in a blender until smooth.

Frog Leg Breading 8oz

Salt 0.25 oz

AP Flour 8 oz

Black Pepper pinch

Cumin, Ground pinch

Cayenne Pepper, Ground Pinch

1 mix all together and it is ready to bread the frog legs.

Garlic Aioli Serves 4

Mayonnaise 6 oz (or you can make your own mayonnaise)

Lemon juice 0.5 oz

Garlic, Roasted Soft .5 oz

Salt to taste

Black Pepper to taste

1. in a blender, blend until smooth

Mayonnaise 8 oz

Egg yolk 1 each

Salt pinch

Dry mustard pinch

Sugar, granulated pinch

White Wine Vinegar dash

Safflower Oil 8 oz

1 place everything in a blender except the oil.

2 Turn on and slowly drizzle the oil in until it becomes a very smooth mayonnaise consistency.

Cocktail Sauce serves 4

Horseradish, Puree .75 oz

Worcestershire Sauce dash

Lemon Juice .75 oz

Onion Powder Pinch

Old Bay Seasoning pinch-To taste

Cayenne Pepper, Ground pinch

Chili Sauce 4 oz

Siracha Chili Sauce .5 oz

Salt to taste

1 mix all ingredients together. Adjust salt, sriacha and or cayenne pepper to adjust for taste preference.

For more information visit their website at