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The Toy Guy has must-have toys for the holidays

Finding the perfect toys for your child has never been easier!

Chris Byrne, aka “The Toy Guy,” highlights the best toys for your kids for the holiday:Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa’s Magical Rising Castle


Age 4+/$59.99

Frozen fans can embrace Elsa’s powers to create her ice castle with Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa’s Magical Rising Castle Playset from Hasbro. Just like the name implies, this cool playset magically rises to 20-inches tall, allowing kids to pretend to have Elsa’s powers. The set comes with the glossy white and blue, rising ice castle, a three-inch posable Elsa Little Kingdom doll, an Olaf doll, two dresses, a cape, and nine snap-ins, plus additional accessories to decorate the castle and engage in imaginative play. There’s also a kid-sized cuff bracelet for girls to wear, themselves.LeapStart


Age 2+/$69.99

Always looking for new ways to engage and educate children, LeapFrog introduces its newest learning system, LeapStart. This interactive device is designed to help kids build key skills, both for school and for life. There are more than 400 activities across a library of 16 books, sold separately, divided into four levels with 50 key skills per level. Kids can progress from preschool to pre-K to kindergarten and then first grade with the four levels of LeapStart booksSUPER WINGS WORLD AIRPORT

Auldey Toys

Age 3+/$44.99

Review in progress

The World Airport from the popular Super Wings TV series sets the stage for this ultimate playset for preschoolers. With electronic sounds and lights, plus tons of activities for kids to recreate their favorite Super Wings scenes with characters Jett and Donnie, it delivers loads of fun. Attach them to the fly-around balance bar and spin them to circle the World Airport; load Jeff into the elevator and lift him to the control tower; flip open the base compartments to reveal a rotating luggage carousel and cargo scale.LIL LOCKITZ MEMORY STUDIO


Age 5+/$22.99

Lil Lockitz Memory Studio comes with Memory Studio, Display, Locket Tops and Backs, Necklaces, Bracelets, Key Chain Clasps, Charms, Backgrounds, Tweezers, Photo Stencil, and instructions. To get started, set up the Memory Studio by clipping the two halves of the Locket Display together. Organize your supplies by spinning the studio cover. To make a locket, turn the knob to the left to lift the lid and place a Locket Back inside. Pick a colorful background and place it in the locket base.  Then fill the locket with charms and gems.You can use the tweezers to pinch or scoop your favorite elements, or just use your hands. Choose a colored top for your locket, use a top with one loop for a necklace or key chain, and two loops for a bracelet and place it on the locket back. Turn the knob to the right to close the lid, seal your locket, and infuse it with Special Magic. When the music stops, turn the knob to the left to open the lid and reveal your Locket. Clip your key chain, tie your necklace, or strap your bracelet and there, you have a Locket with a special memory! If you want to add something to your necklace, just pop it open and add it, no biggie. You can show off your lockets by wearing them, of course, or displaying them in the Locket Display.SEUSS THING TWO AND THING ONE WHIRLY FUN Game

Wonder Forge

Age 4+/$13.99

Classic Dr. Seuss characters come off the book pages and onto a game board in the Dr. Seuss Thing Two and Thing One Whirly Fun! Game. In this cooperative game, players work together to clean up the house before Mother gets home. The box actually becomes the playing space. Set up all the household items on each star symbol around the house, and then mess everything up by launching the Thing Top in the living room. Then take turns drawing cards and doing the action shown on the card. If the card shows a room, you get to clean up all of the knocked-over items in that room. If the card shows a color, clean up one knocked over item of the indicated color. But if the card shows Thing One or Thing Two, launch the Thing Top in the room that matches the background color on the card to create a mess. You might also draw The Cat in the Hat, which allows you to clean up any two knocked-over items. If you get a Net, you keep that card and use it later to prevent a Thing One or Thing Two card from being played.  Drawing a Mother card moves the Mother figure along the path toward the front door. You may choose to move her one, two, or three spaces forward. If everything is tidy when Mother reaches the doormat, everybody wins. But if any items are still knocked over, you’ll just have to try again.John Deere Monster Treads 2X Scoop Tractor


Age 3+/$29.99

TOMY’s John Deere Monster Treads 2x Scoop Tractor, for ages 3 and up, is a monster-sized tractor that has monstrous cool features. To get to work, turn on the truck by flipping the switch located underneath the truck. Now it’s time for action! Push the orange tractor lever forward to activate the front loader. Pull the lever back to activate the rear backhoe. As you push and pull the lever, watch in wonder as the tractor lights up and listen in excitement as the tractor makes different sounds. Both the lever and backhoe move up and down, which means you can experiment with picking up different objects and pretending like you’re a hard-working farmer.

Stikbot Studio Pro


Age 4+/$21.99

Stikbot Studio Pro lets you make stop-motion green screen animated movies quickly and easily. Green screen is a process by which  something is shot against a green screen (in this case your Stikbot figures) and the green background is replaced by another image. (Professionals call this chromo key, and say that the background has been “keyed out.” Usually, this is a fairly complicated  technical process requiring sophisticated and specialized equipment. However, Stikbot Studio Pro lets you do this easily and on the fly.

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