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Tim Shurr’s 3 Steps To Reaching Any New Year Resolution!

Motivation coach Tim Shurr says the secret to achieving your BIG goals is this…If you want to reach a really BIG goal, get started! Don’t wait until you feel motivated, until your new project is perfect, or after your schedule slows down. There is no “good” time to get started. You just need to start!

If you want to reach your BIG goal in 2015, follow these 3 steps immediately!

1. Take action, however big or small, right away.

2. Get feedback as to whether you should stay the course or make adjustments.

3. Apply what you’ve learned and take another step forward!

Indecision will steal your dreams. Hesitation causes missed opportunity. Consistent action leads to new learning, more opportunity, and greater success. If you’re not sure what direction to go in, flip a coin and go! Only after taking the first step will the second and third steps reveal themselves.

 It is not just about the goal, it is about who you become in pursuit of the goal.” — Tim Shurr

If you would like to get in touch with Tim, you can reach him through his website at