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Tim Tries It: Fitness Gadgets

Carmel Firefighter and personal trainer Tim Griffin checks out some of the latest home fitness gadgets.

The key is to just get up…so if it is this piece of equipment, a pair of gloves or a vest that is going to motivate you to get outside, get up and start exercising then it works for you.”

G-LOVES by Rocktape

Crossfit isn’t for wimps! BuReally?t even the toughest guy or gal can tear up their hands performing muscle ups, jerks and lifts. But RockTape G-LOVES have got you covered. These gloves show your hands a little lovin’, protecting them from friction and eliminating tears and blisters. Best of all they are legal for competition. These seamless palm constructed gloves offer “false-grip” silicon ribs designed to help with muscle-ups, hook grip thumb protection, vented finger side walls, sweat wipe and they work with chalk. You can also still operate all your electronics while wearing the gloves. Available in extra small to extra large sizes. $45;

Hydrosport by SHOLDIT. The world’s first compression-fit sports vest that gives you easy access to everything you need while being active.

New sport vest solves common fitness issue

Picture yourself getting ready to go on a run or hike. You grab your water bottle, keys, cell phone, ear buds, maybe an energy snack.

Now where the heck do you put all of that stuff? Before now, bulky camelbacks and useless arm bands were your only solution.

Hydrosport features:

-A built-in hydration system that holds 1 liter of water

-An easy-to-access cell phone holster

-A front zipper pocket to store your keys, cash and an energy snack

-Unisex design made with breathable, sweat-wicking material

It’s convenient, it’s comfortable, and it solves a huge problem. What more could a fitness enthusiast want?

Your turn to try it. Where can I send a sample?


Iron Chest Master -Ask any woman what her trouble area is on her body, and she will likely mention arm flab at the top of the list. T

he Iron Chest Master is a fitness tool specifically made to target the triceps and shoulder muscles, as well as the chest and surrounding muscles to develop a more muscular and lean upper body. A fitness program using the Iron Chest Master provides a combination of low-impact cardio and resistance that gets you into the optimal fat-burning zone. The fat melts away as you tone lean muscle, so you get incredible body-shaping results, including reducing belly bulge quickly. The Iron Chest Master was designed using a unique science called Arc Movement Technology, which is based on the muscle and joint structure of the body. The Iron Chest Master targets problem areas like arms (triceps and shoulders), core (abs and obliques), chest and back, so women can effectively build lean muscle, burn fat, tone, tighten and improve endurance. When you use this innovative machine with the targeted workouts, you will maximize your results and your time spent working out, giving you the ultimate upper body workout. Get a head start on a leaner more muscular body in 2015 with the Iron Chest Master. $120;