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Time-saving tips for moms

One of the most challenging jobs in the world is being a mother, and everyone can appreciate anything that reinforces the importance of motherhood. Today, we have parenting expert Amanda Mushro joining us to share time-saving tips for moms.

Mushro, a mother of three, is known for her appearances on the TLC web series “TLCme #LifeHacks” and has provided parenting advice on popular shows like Today, Fox and Friends, and The Rachel Ray Show.

To start off, Mushro addresses the importance of finding time-saving shortcuts for moms, acknowledging the numerous responsibilities they juggle. She then shared her advice on keeping kids clean, providing valuable insights for moms in need of effective strategies.

For young moms taking care of babies, Mushro offers recommendations to simplify and streamline their daily routines. She also shared suggestions for promoting healthier kids, highlighting the significance of good nutrition and wellness practices.

Mushro also shared her top tips for parents, offering a valuable piece of advice that can make a significant difference in their parenting journey.

For those seeking more information and guidance, Mushro directs them to visit, where they can access further resources and insights.