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Tim’s Workout: Never too old to exercise

Get your workout ON this Monday with Firefighter Tim! Tim says you can help “balance your life” with just a few simple exercises. Tim says our balance is something that can become an essential part of keeping us healthy and from getting injuries as we age. He says it’s never to soon to start adding some simple exercises to our workout routine to help keep and build our balance as we get older. A simple way to add difficulty, strength, and balance to a simple walk is by using a medicine ball/slam ball.

Tim explains how:

Start by standing with feet staggered and, as you get better, progress to one foot in front of the other. Then eventually progress to one standing on one foot. While in your capable stance, move your head from side to side and up and down, focusing on engaging your core and posterior chain.

Our second exercise will be standing on one foot (if you need, you can use a chair or counter to assist you in balance). You will raise your leg first up and down in front 10 times; then to the side 10 times; then to the back 10 times; and repeat on the opposite side. This is simple and can be done when you first get out of bed before a work out or even while your doing dishes.

For some advanced balance workouts, you could do the second exercise on a bosu ball (half ball) or you can stand on a bosu ball and you can hold a counter weight: either a weight plate or a medicine ball. While standing, move the medicine ball from one side to the other and hold position for 5 to 10 counts. Exercises like these will help engage your core and improve your brain-body connection to help you keep balance and improve it.

Last, this is an easy way to “pick up” the difficulty of a simple walk. First grab a slam ball and start your walk. This already this adds difficulty from the resistance of carrying the weight of the slam ball. Now pick different ways to throw your ball out in front of you or over your head. Be creative! Now pick up the ball, and be sure to use good form while bending over to pick up your ball. By doing this you are adding resistance, core strength, and balance all while walking. This also mirrors being with your small children and grandkids.

.. and one more thing… We want to wish a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tim’s Dad!! Hope you have a wonderful day!