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Tips for helping your dog through Halloween or ‘Howl-a-ween’

When it comes to Halloween, it’s a holiday that should be fun for the whole family, including our pets! Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer, has a few tips to make it a good experience for your dog and those around them.

1. Constant Knocking/Doorbell Can Stress Your Dog Out!

      – This can put your dog on “high alert”

      – Repeated stressors are hard on a dogs body and mind

2.  Find an Outdoor Alternative

     – Get the dog out of the house (in costume 😊)

     – Use the opportunity to socialize/desensitize your dog in the neighborhood

     – Take dog on a drive if the neighborhood activity is overwhelming for them

3.  Stay Calm and Take Charge!

     – Avoid approaching other people’s dogs or letting them approach yours (unless the dogs know each other)

     –  Avoid trying to comfort your dog if they are tense

     – Protect your dog from unwanted contact

     – Correct your dog for barking or lunging

REMEMBER: Keep all candy out of reach of your dog. Chocolate consumption can cause serious illness or even death.!

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