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Tips from Indy Dog Whisperer on when to stop petting your furry friend

Calling all dog owners! It’s time to unlock the secrets of petting your furry friends with insights from the one and only Indy Dog Whisperer, Nathan Lowe.

Understanding what petting means to your dog is key, whether it’s a form of grooming behavior for social bonding or submissive licking for hierarchical affirmation. The important part is knowing when to STOP petting your dog.

If they’re feeling anxious, aggressive, or overly excited, it’s time to pause and reassess.

Instead, focus on enjoying the right time and way to pet your dog. Wait for moments of calmness, use soothing strokes, and direct your attention to their head.

With these tips, you’ll enhance your bond with your furry companion and create a harmonious petting experience like never before!