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Tips to keep your pets healthy this summer

Tips to keep your pets healthy this summer

With the expectation of this summer being the hottest ever in many places, it’s crucial to ensure pets stay happy and healthy.

Dr. Jeff Werber, a famous veterinarian known for caring for Hollywood’s pets and an Emmy Award winner, is here to share some top tips and tricks for keeping pets safe and cool during the hot weather.

· Best Time to Play: Dr. Werber suggests playing with your pet during the cooler parts of the day, like early morning or late evening, to avoid the peak heat.

· Water Play: Playing with water can be a great way to keep pets cool and entertained. Dr. Werber will demonstrate using ChuckIt! Amphibious products are designed for water play and fetching fun.

· Taking Breaks: Giving pets breaks during playtime is essential to catch their breath and cool down. Dr. Werber recommends using ChuckIt! Air Products for interactive play that doesn’t overheat your furry friend.

Following these tips ensures your pet stays safe and happy during the hot summer months.