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Tracy’s Rental Tool Tips

If you didn’t know already, Tracy is quite the handyman. Today on Indy Style, he shares his tips for renting tools… the dos, dont’s and more!


Make sure the tool you’re renting is the right one for what you need done…CALL AHEAD

Make sure you know their hours, rental policies, and if they have the tool ready to rent, maybe even reserve it if possible…ALLOW EXTRA TIME

Rushing to get the job done to save a few bucks on the rental time will lead to a shoddy job and perhaps compromised safety…SHARE THE TOOL/SHARE THE COST

Splitting the cost of the rental with a neighbor can be cost effective, plus give you some added muscle to move the tool…SAVE GREEN, MAKE IT CLEAN

Many rental centers add fees. If excessive cleaning of a tool is required, take a few minutes to clean it up… could save you some money and save your upholstery…