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Trivia for Hire tests your knowledge, while bringing the laughs

How would your rate your HOME ALONE trivia? Why not play and have some fun?!

Sean Ireton, Trivia For Hire, shares more about the Indianapolis-based company that specializes in virtual trivia events.

  • Sean Ireton from Trivia For Hire:
  • Indianapolis-based company that specializes in virtual trivia events
  • Started the company at the beginning of the pandemic to help the staff at Tappers Arcade Bar, where I was an in-person trivia host for over 4 years
  • Also, I run themed events to raise money for various organizations around Indianapolis
  • For the holidays, Trivia For Hire will be hosting a “Home Alone 1 + 2” virtual trivia event tonight at 8PM:
  • All net proceeds will benefit the Indiana Restaurant & Lodging Association’s Hospitality Relief Fund:
  • Your donation (min. $1) will get you into the game and you’ll receive the unique URL one hour prior to the event in your email
  • Fun and safe virtual activity with the family during Christmas week
  • Trivia For Hire also does special events for company happy hours, family gatherings, etc