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Unique Home Solution: Don’t Give Me Any Static

Today’s Unique Home Solution “Don’t Give Me Any Static” comes from the good folks at Downy.

“Today, March 23rd, is National Puppy Day and on that day, we need to show our pups just how much they mean to us no matter what age they are. There is still a puppy inside your dog just like there is a kid in all us adults. We want to make sure our furry family members are well fed and have their own comfortable bed to cuddle up in at night. But sometimes those beds get covered in hair and retain static that give our pups a shock. To help prevent static, use fabric softener when you clean your pup’s beds, towels and blankets. A laundry tool that does wonders when using fabric softener is the Downy Ball. All you do is fill it and toss it into your washer, no more waiting for the rinse cycle or using the clogged dispenser.”

You can use dryer sheets as well to give a quick rub down to your pet’s area to help keep the static down.

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