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Unique Home Solutions: Selecting The Right Siding For Your Home can pay off

Bob Dillon, President of Unique Home Solutions explains how selecting the right siding for your home can save you big on utility bills and home maintenance costs.

With siding, the installation is really the most important thing about it.”

Solid Core siding has an insulated backing that is attached directly to the siding. This creates a very sturdy siding product that protects your home. Other siding uses a separate insulation that can lead to gaps and uses lower quality vinyl in its construction.

Solid Core siding with its insulated backing will help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This same insulating factor will also help reduce noise from outside the home. Reduces outside noise penetration by 45%

Statesman siding has both a wind and hail warranty. It is 300% more impact resistant than cement (fiber) board.

With the Solid Core quality of vinyl and insulation attached to backing of the siding, creates a very strong solid product that is resistant to hail and other damage.

Solid Core siding never needs to be painted or stained. You will never have to worry about the siding rotting or needing to be replaced. Statesman siding also warrantees against color fade.

Statesmen Solid Core siding warranty lasts for the life of your home. The warranty is even transferable if you sell the home.

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