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Unique smoothie recipes with Annessa and Firefighter Tim

In celebration of National Smoothie Day, we’re in the kitchen with Anessa and Firefighter Tim! They showcased three delicious and colorful smoothie recipes: Unicorn Smoothie, Chocolate PB Cup Smoothie, and Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie.

The Unicorn Smoothie is a vibrant and whimsical creation. For the pink layer, they blend together Greek yogurt, frozen raspberries, vanilla protein powder, almond milk, and ice. The result is a thick and creamy pink mixture. In the blue-purple layer, they combine yogurt, frozen banana, protein powder, almond milk, blue spirulina powder (optional), ice, and blackberries. The blue-purple layer is poured on top of the pink layer, creating a beautiful ombre effect. They suggest using a toothpick or spoon to create a swirl effect for added visual appeal. Optional toppings include no-sugar whipped cream and pink and gold edible sparkles, making it a truly delightful and nutritious unicorn-inspired smoothie.

(WISH Photo)

Next, they prepared a Chocolate PB Cup Smoothie. The PB layer consists of unsweetened almond milk, vanilla protein powder, natural peanut butter, frozen banana, peanut butter powder, and dates. Blending these ingredients results in a creamy and nutty base. For the chocolate layer, they blend unsweetened coconut milk, cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder, and ripe avocado. The chocolate layer is poured on top of the PB layer, creating a delightful combination of flavors. This rich and indulgent smoothie is perfect for chocolate and peanut butter lovers.

Lastly, they demonstrated the Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie. They started by blending frozen strawberries, vanilla yogurt (or frozen banana), cottage cheese, vanilla protein powder, ground flaxseed, almond extract, and your favorite milk. This combination yields a fruity and creamy smoothie reminiscent of a classic strawberry cheesecake. To add a finishing touch, they suggest crumbling a graham cracker square on top, adding a hint of crust-like texture to the smoothie.

With these three creative smoothie recipes, Anessa and Tim show how you can enjoy delicious and nutritious treats in your own kitchen. Whether you’re in the mood for something colorful and whimsical, indulgently chocolaty, or reminiscent of a classic dessert, these smoothies offer a range of flavors to satisfy any craving.