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Valentine’s Day Gadgets

Valentine’s Day Gadgets

Tired of the typical chocolates and roses for Valentine’s Day? Switch things up with a fun gadget – perfect for your sweetheart OR yourself!

Como Audio


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Como Audio is offering a limited edition white and pink version of their popular Solo (and Duetto) smart speaker with high fidelity sound in a compact design.  The music system easily accesses music from all sources, including Bluetooth, FM Radio, and Spotify, plus Internet Stations to search by city or genre and listen to love songs from around the world. It also has dual independent alarms so loved ones can wake up with each other every day. A color display shows artist, song and available album art.

Dafni Allure
The Dafni Allure is the first ever cordless straightening brush that’s 4 times more powerful than a corded straightener. Its 3D technology turns the flat iron into a brush, making it possible to style larger hair sections in intuitive brush strokes. DAFNI can style up to three heads in one charge, thanks to its strong lithium ion battery, and its extra bristles help control thick hair.

Roav Viva by Anker
Roav Viva brings Amazon’s Alexa into any vehicle. It supports Alexa Communication, which includes calling, messaging, drop in, and announcements — all hands-free. Get directions, play music, get a flash briefing of your day, shop online, and more. The Roav Viva also includes Anker’s exclusive charging technology, which simultaneously charges 2 devices at full-speed.

Bedjet 3 Dual Zone Climate Comfort Sleeping System
The Bedjet 3 Dual Zone Climate Comfort Sleeping System keeps you close to your partner even if you disagree on the climate in the house. While one person can cool his side of the bed, his partner’s side can stay warm all night long. This means that neither partner has to compromise on the air conditioning or heat settings, and both have complete control over their respective sides of the bed. $800.

Clartici Beauty Tracker Set
Don’t settle for a one size fits all beauty routine. Clartici is an innovative beauty tech brand that details the condition of your skin with their unique ICI analyzer and accompanying app providing results for the amount of product you need in real time. By placing the ICI analyzer over 3 places on your face for a few seconds, you will immediately receive your custom plan. Paired with the COSMOS Certified Clartici’s Sanguine Cream and Reiki Serum, your custom skincare routine is complete!

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