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Veracity provides real solutions to real problems

It started with a vision– providing real solutions to real problems with the help of some of the most experienced and accomplished professionals in their field.

Joining us this morning is Doug Kouns, Founder and CEO of Veracity, to tell us more.

Doug Kouns founded Veracity IIR with a vision of bringing the most experienced and accomplished law enforcement professionals, intelligence analysts and business people together to provide real solutions to real problems.

Kouns is a former Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI. For more than 22 years he served the Bureau in the field and at FBI Headquarters while conducting or overseeing criminal, counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence investigations.

He began his career with the FBI in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota Resident Agency conducting general criminal investigations. After the tragic events of September 11, he was assigned as the primary counter-terrorism investigator and became one of the first designated Weapons of Mass Destruction Coordinators. He led a task force with state, local and other federal law enforcement to address the emerging counter-terrorism threat.

Kouns was later promoted to the role of Supervisor in the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate (WMDD), where he was responsible for overseeing field programs related to the elimination and investigation of threats regarding WMD. He worked with federal, state and local agencies as well as international law enforcement and intelligence agencies to mitigate this threat.

Kouns returned to his home division to lead the Indianapolis Field Intelligence Group. The “FIG” consisted of FBI Special Agent intelligence collectors and analysts that worked to fill collection gaps in counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence and high priority criminal investigations. He later served as the first Team Leader and operator of the newly established Indianapolis Special Operations Group which engaged in covert missions and surveillance to support high priority investigations nationwide.

Over his career, Mr. Kouns has obtained specialized training in interview/interrogation, evidence collection, human intelligence operations, advanced investigative techniques, surveillance, photography, tactical operations and more.’

Mr. Kouns is a 1991 graduate of Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, where he received Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Education. In 2012, he received a Master of Business Administration degree from Grantham University with distinction. He is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). He was featured in the book FBI Agent and the Journal of Chemical Education. He is a 1st degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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