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Your Devices Could Be Affecting Your Vision

Your Devices Could Be Affecting Your Vision

Your Devices Could Be Affecting Your Vision

They are the “casual dining segment of eye care.” Moody Eyes describes themselves as “… not Taco Bell and not Ruth’s Chris. Our goal is to provide personal service, great products, all at a price you can afford.”

That’s WHO they are and today on Indy Style, we learn WHAT they do, especially when it comes to your devices and caring for your eyes.

D. Penn Moody, OD, Founder/CEO, Moody Eyes, Inc.., tells us more:

• “Common signs and symptoms of eye fatigue are headaches, especially in your forehead or base of your neck, squinting to see clearer, and creasing your eyebrows. Some people will move their phones or tablets around to get clearer vision.”

• “Two common causes of eye fatigue are having a small glasses prescription, even as small as a quarter or half, or uncorrected astigmatism. I compare these with a 58-degree day – you don’t have to wear a jacket, but you’ll be more comfortable, especially if you’re outside for very long.”

• “Another cause of eye fatigue is when your eyes have different prescriptions, or an imbalance between your eyes. I tell patients it’s like walking in one tennis shoe and one dress shoe – you can walk but it’s not comfortable.”

• “The best solution for eye fatigue is to wear your up-to-date prescription. It’s amazing how even a small prescription can make you more comfortable, especially when you’re on a digital device for hours per day.”

• “Many people have become aware that more blue light is given off by monitors and touch screens. This can lead to tired eyes, eye strain, and possibly even damage your retina. We use a lens treatment called Retina Shield to block this blue light from entering your eyes. Let me demonstrate how this works.”

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