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We Try It: Mother’s Day gift ideas

Amber was joined by her daughter this morning for a special edition of ‘We Try It’. This time it’s all about the mothers out there! Find out what they had to say about these interesting products in their latest segment.

VOLO Hero Quick Dry Towel:

Taking the time to wash and condition your hair can be a spa-like experience—until it comes to towel drying. As you start to get cold after a hot, steamy shower, don’t you wish your hair could dry faster?

This towel comes to your rescue whether you want to enjoy an at-home pampering experience a little longer without a harsh towel dry—or realistically—you just really have somewhere else you need to be.

Let’s face it, our lives might not be on-the-go right now, but we’re still impatient people. As the wetness and moisture linger from freshly washed hair, your first instinct is a longer towel dry so you can move on with the rest of your hair care routine. Sadly, traditional towels used in this capacity cause frizz and breakage as they’re too rough.

Let VOLO help you pick up the pace with its revolutionary gentle, yet
absorbent material and convenient design. 

Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Company

Mother’s Day brunch is the perfect setting for a nostalgic sweet treat. Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cakes are baked fresh using a decadent family recipe from 1950s Brooklyn, NY.  They come in a variety of flavors beyond the crowd-pleasing classic, including blueberry, salted caramel and more. They even have a gluten-free version.  Full crumb cakes are available in 8×8 size or they also come in a 12-pack of perfectly portioned individual servings called Crumbkins.  All of the cakes are made with natural ingredients, are preservative-free and are shipped directly to your door. Include the taste of homemade goodness at your brunch without doing all of the work or send it as a gift to the foodie Mom who deserves a little indulgence. 

Eat Your Words Custom Cookies: Who doesn’t love getting a sweet treat delivered right to their door?! Mom will love getting a box of tasty Eat Your Words Custom Cookies. These sugar cookies are made from scratch in their Florida bakery using an old family recipe. Every bite is simply delicious. Each message cookie box has 10-20 cookies decorated with icing. For Mother’s Day, you can send Mom a simple yet sweet ‘I love you Mom’ set of cookies or design your own custom cookie message. Choose from the regular or gluten-free dough and several icing flavors. The cookies come packaged in a gift box and tied with a bow – perfect for gift giving.

Room gadget

Guru Nanda Tower XL Diffuser

First-ever humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser in one – new GuruNanda White Tower XL Diffuser combines the best of both worlds. Unlike other aromatherapy diffusers, it has a large 2-liter capacity, meaning it can produce mist for up to 12 hours without the constant need to refill.  And while regular humidifiers are not made to be used with essential oils, the White Tower diffuser is designed specifically to accommodate them. So, users get the bonus of better air quality at home or work (especially during the cold dry winter months), along with a pleasant aromatic environment and a variety of wellness benefits, depending on which essential oil or oil blend they choose to use. (Try GuruNanda’s lavender for nighttime relaxation, and peppermint or orange for a daytime lift.) We recommend using with GuruNanda’s essential oils as they are sourced sustainably and are the purest and pristine on the market. However, you can pair it with any favorite oils you already have! The GuruNanda White Tower XL diffuser is available on Amazon and