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What to do when your heating stops working

Complete Comfort has you covered if your heating stops working! Marketing Manager Brittany Katterjohn and HVAC Specialist Jackson Davis from Complete Comfort joined us today.

Here is the four-step process when your heating stops working:

  • Step 1: Check at the Power Source 
  • Step 2: Check the Filter 
  • Step 3: Reset 
  • Step 4: Contact a Professional 

The best way to fix heating problems is to prevent them with a bi-annual tune up. This allows a certified technician to clean, inspect, and test the system, allowing you to learn about potential problems before they become serious issues. 

Complete Comfort’s number one value that influences everything they do is servanthood. If they can help you help yourself first, then they will. The Complete Comfort phones are always open for questions related to plumbing and HVAC. 

Special Offer: Please visit their website here or call their office at (317) 480-1414 to book your $69 Safety Inspection and Tune-Up (regularly $130). 

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