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What’s in theaters this weekend?!

Get your movie pass and popcorn ready! The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd gives us a preview of what’s in theaters this weekend!• The Witch

Terrifically moody take on the horror genre about Puritans facing possible satanic forces. The sort of movie that burrows into your guts and stays to feast.”

• Lady in the Van

A terrific vehicle for Maggie Smith, playing a homeless woman who lives in a van that never moves. Charming, acerbic and wise.”

• Risen

Surprisingly effective story that explores how the Resurrection of Jesus might have played out, without the fanfare and heavy portent you usually see in movies about Christianity.

• Race

A biographical look at Jesse Owens striving to become the greatest Olympic athlete in Hitler’s front yard in the 1936 Games.”

• Steve Jobs – Buy It

Less a biopic of the Apple co-founder than a Shakespearean rumination on the myth of Steve Jobs. A fabulous fib of a movie.”