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Women make sushi!

A-DORABLE, delicious and just so much fun! In our kitchen today, Master Sushi Chef Debbie Bennett and her husband Scott of Yokohama, remind us that women DO MAKE sushi, even in a typical male-dominated industry.

Here are a few sushi “know-how’s” from Debbie:

1. Reminder that Sushi Does Not mean…Raw Fish. It means Sour rice since it is made with rice vinegar. The different kinds of Sushi.

A. Maki Roll

B. Shashimi

C. Nigiri

D. Handroll

2. The gender who traditionally made sushi is changing.

3. Our restaurant Yokohama has 5 women who all make sushi.

4. After learning the basics of rolling Sushi, the next thing is the Art.

5. Sushi is a great way to express yourself and what you see as beauty.

6. Knowing some of the essential for presentation is important.

– Props, bamboo sticks, flowers

– Natural props, fish and sauces

7. Shaping a roll to make it a heart, or shaping fish into flowers.

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