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Workout Wednesday: How to squeeze in a holiday workout

Thanksgiving to New Years can be one of the hardest seasons to find the time to workout and combat all the holiday munching. Firefighter Tim shares a couple of great five-minute workouts that you can do at your home, in a hotel or even grandma’s house.

Workout 1:

Walking Lunges x 20

Jumping Jacks x 20

Side planks with knee to chest x 10 each side

Front Squat or squat jump x 20

Repeat as many times for 5 minutesWorkout 2: 

Dumbbell deadlift with lunge -each leg x 5

Jump squat x 5

Running warmup:

Walk 1 minute

Walking lunge x 20

Leg swings x 20 each side

Butt kicks x 20

High knees x 20

Tim says another great way to get some exercise during this season is to participate in some of the different fun runs that happen. These are great fun, family friendly and not to mention most of these are going to great causes. This Thanksgiving, Tim will be running the DrumStick Dash with his wife Teresa and oldest daughter Vera.

Twitter: @firemantimcfd