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Workshop Makes Coding Cool for Girls

Young women in Indianapolis are learning how to build confidence and solve problems all through the process of CODING.

Taliah Borom, BraveCamp Staff Member and Former Camper, and Jen Giacchino, Brave Initiatives Co-Founder and Executive Director, tell us about BraveCamp, a one-week program for young women ages 13-18. They have an opportunity to learn what coding means, how its applied and what it can mean for their futures.

This week (July 15-22) is Indy’s second BraveCamp, in partnership with KSM Consulting.
• Brave Initiatives co-founder Jen Giacchino was working at Motorola as a recruiter in Chicago when she noticed the lack of women and minorities that were present in the software engineering field. This discovery led her to start Brave Initiatives.
• Throughout the week, the girls go through a process to develop a website that addresses a community problem they feel passionate about.
• Taliah Borom, an Indy native, was a camper herself last year. She spent the week learning to code a website where users could take a quiz to uncover unconscious racial bias.
• “Before BraveCamp, I didn’t even know what coding was,” Taliah said. “I felt like making our website mattered to the world. And for me, being a woman of color, it’s super important that other girls who look like me learn about this opportunity.”
• This week, Taliah has returned to BraveCamp as a staff member to assist in running the day-to-day of camp.

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