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Zerorez Indianapolis: Experts in the science of cleaning

Zerorez Indianapolis: Experts in the science of clean

Zerorez distinguishes itself as a carpet cleaning company that surpasses industry standards, proudly holding the title of Experts in the Science of Clean™.

What sets them apart from their competitors revolves around three key elements: Their Process, their People, and their Promise.

At the core of their exceptional service lies cutting-edge science and technology, positioning them as trailblazers in the field.

Their revolutionary cleaning technology, featuring the Zr Lifter®, Zr Water®, and Zr Wand®, is the cornerstone that elevates them to a leadership position in the industry.

This distinctive combination ensures a Zero Residue® clean, offering a carpet experience devoid of crunchiness, sticky fibers, harsh chemicals, and lingering odors.

Zerorez takes pride in consistently delivering the right way to clean, making each visit a guarantee of safer, residue-free living spaces and rapid dry times.

Clients are invited to join Zerorez in experiencing a cleaning revolution that exceeds expectations.