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A comfortable Sunday coming our way!


Sunset: 8:27 PM

Tonight, get ready for a few clouds coming in our forecast but not much else. Winds will still stay breezy out of the northeast at a near constant 10 MPH. Rain is very unlikely for anyone with chances for precipitation under 20 percent. Low temperature at 65 by Sunday morning.


Sunday looks like a good day to get outside at any part of the day. A much more comfortable feel in the forecast with humidity levels expected to drop nicely tomorrow. The skies will remain superb under mostly sunny skies after a few morning clouds push out. Temperatures fall short of the 80 degree mark with a forecasted high of 78. Another rain free day is expected as well. Winds still out of the northeast at around 10 miles per hour.

Tomorrow Night

Sunday night looks to be a great feeling one outside again thanks to the drier air. The last few evenings have been warm and humid so much easier sleeping conditions as we make our way to tomorrow morning. Wind speeds will slow down a bit but not become calm.

Monday: Monday looks like a near carbon copy of Sunday with the only exceptions being slightly slower winds and slightly brighter skies. High temperatures once again look to be in the upper 70s and rain is out of the question.

8-Day Forecast

Looks like our dry weather will continue on for a little while this week with rain chances at zero until the weekend comes where it only increases to about 10 percent. Temperatures remain somewhat steady all week long then temperatures will rebound but not at such a drastic rate as we move towards next weekend. Winds will eventually hit a calmer patch for the start of next week and going into next weekend but the middle of the week could be a bit breezy.