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After the Bell: Gas and inflation; iPhone iOS update; prices for used cars lowering

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The current average gas price in Indiana is $3.80 a gallon.

The national average is $3.71, which is a big exhale from the $5 a gallon earlier in the summer. It all plays into the current feeling on inflation. A new survey by the New York Federal Reserve shows people expect the annual inflation rate to be 5.7% a year from now.

People don’t see gas prices changing much in that time, but they do think food prices will keep rising into 2024.

Thinking about traveling for holidays?

Airfare will be the most expensive in five years. Fare-tracker Hopper says there’s ton of demand for flights, and airlines are running on limited capacity.

So, if you are traveling, they recommend flexibility and not traveling on the busiest day.

iPhone update

Apple just released it’s new iPhone operating system. You don’t even need to buy a need iPhone 14 to get it. iOS 16 is available now.

With the new operating system, users can customize lock screens, and add calendars or pictures. They can also edit and recall recently sent iMessages up to 15 minutes after you sent them.

Used-car prices lowering

Prices for used cars fell 4% in August to the lowest costs since last September. As demand slows a bit, one expert says, it’ll leave dealer lots of used car across the country with a ton of cars, and prices will fall even lower.