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Tasty Takeout: Market Square Popcorn

Tasty Takeout: Market Square Popcorn

Jonathan Warren, the person who started Market Square Popcorn, had big dreams.

He believed that to make something truly awesome, you need to be as creative as a mad scientist.

That’s why he wanted Market Square Popcorn to be great!

Market Square Popcorn Co. was born in Indiana, right in the middle of the country.

They use the best corn from Indiana and mix it with love for Indiana sports and everyone’s favorite snack – popcorn!

But they don’t stop there. They make special flavors like The Market Square Mix, Butter Crunch Caramel, and White Chocolate Cherry.

These flavors are what make Market Square Popcorn really stand out!

If you want to taste the freshest popcorn in Indiana, you can find it at their kiosks in Castleton Square Mall.

Just head over there and give it a try!