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Anthem customers targeted a second time

(Media General) – As many as 80 million current and former Anthem customers may have had their personal information compromised after the health insurer was hacked by what’s described as a “sophisticated cyber attack.” Now, those customers are being targeted again.

What to look for:

Indianapolis-based Anthem is alerting its customers of a scam email campaign that targets current and former Anthem members. The email looks like it may have come from the health insurer. But, it did not. The email is a scam designed to capture personal information and its known as “phishing.” The email includes a “click here” link for credit monitoring.

What to do:

The company insists these emails are not from Anthem. They want everyone to know:

  • DO NOT click on any links in email.
  • DO NOT reply to the email or reach out to the senders in any way.
  • DO NOT supply any information on the website that may open, if you If you have clicked on a link in email.
  • DO NOT open any attachments that arrive with email.

Anthem wants customers and former customers to know it is not calling people about the cyber attack and is not asking for credit card information or social security numbers over the phone.

Anthem reports there is no indication this email campaign is being brought about by the same people who executed the cyber attack.

How to know it’s really Anthem:

Anthem tells us it will contact its current and former member by mail from the U.S. Postal Service about the cyber attack. It will provide people with information on how to enroll in credit monitoring and ID protection for free.

For more information on recognizing scam email, you can visit the FTC Website.