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Indiana gas prices rise: ‘It’s definitely a struggle’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — According to GasBuddy, motorists can blame the war in Ukraine for rising gas prices in Indiana and across the country.

Motorist Tanya Shieler said, “It’s definitely a struggle. I live alone, so I pay off all my bills.”

Gas prices are going up across Indiana, and many people are wondering when they’ll see relief at the pump.

“I got to tell you it’s a real headache for Uber drivers,” Jeffrey Payne said.

According to AAA on Friday, the average price for regular gas in Indiana is $3.82 per gallon; that’s about 44 cents higher than last week’s average price.

At the Circle K near the Indianapolis International Airport, drivers on Friday paid $4.09 per gallon for regular gas and nearly $5 per gallon for its Shell V-Power premium.

Payne, the Uber driver, says he picks up a lot of his clients from the airport, so it’s the closest gas station. He says the increase in gas prices is impacting his job.

“We make our living doing this and driving people around, and when the gas prices keep going up and up it makes it very difficult to make any money at doing this and helping other people out to get from place to place,” Payne said.

At a gas station on North Delaware Street near Loco Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, drivers are paying $3.89 per gallon for regular gas.

Business owner Collin Kendall says he’s hopeful that prices will drop again.

“A lot of it … people have gotten used to the super low gas prices we saw back in 2020, so every spike is a really big deal, but this will pass too just like everything else,” Kendall said.