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Thursday’s business headlines

Thursday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Thursday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Netflix to stream Christmas Day NFL games

Netflix will stream Christmas Day NFL games for the next three years.

The league says the streaming platform will show two games on the holiday this year and at least one matchup in both 2025 and 2026.

The deal will allow Netflix to show advertisements, which are built into live sporting events, to all its customers and not just subscribers to its ad-supported plan.

Walgreens to sell generic version of Narcan

Walgreens is launching a generic version of over-the-counter Narcan.

The pharmacy chain will sell its version of the opioid overdose reversal drug for $10 less than the brand-name version.

Walgreens’ generic version will be available on store shelves nationwide by the end of the month. It is already available to buy online.

Report: AI likely to impact more than half of jobs globally

Artificial intelligence is likely to impact 60% of jobs in advanced economies and 40% of jobs around the world, according to a new report. The head of the International Monetary Fund to called it a “tsunami.”

Global economic leaders say there is little time for people and businesses to get ready for AI and it needs to be managed well or it will lead to more inequality.

Edible protein gel aims to prevent hangovers

Researchers in Switzerland have developed an experimental edible protein gel designed to prevent alcohol from causing hangovers.

It’s an oral gel primarily made from whey protein and further infused with individual iron atoms and gold nanoparticles. After its ingested, the gel breaks down the alcohol so it doesn’t cause hangovers.

The scientists say it will take much more research, especially in humans, before we can know whether their gel is the real deal.

The difference between ‘trip’ and ‘vacation’

For many Americans, there is a big difference between a trip and a vacation.

According to Motel 6 and OnePoll, more Americans say a vacation is travel for relaxation while a trip has a specific purpose, like a work-related conference.

Whether on vacation or taking a trip, 3/5 of those surveyed say they are opting to drive to their destinations this year.