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Tuesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Tuesday’s business headlines with Jane King.

January inflation report due Tuesday morning

The latest Consumer Price Index — which shows how much we pay for things like groceries, gas, and housing — is due out Tuesday.

Economists expect the CPI to show a 0.4% increase in January, which would translate into 6.2% annual growth, but some analysts believe the number could be even higher.

Natural gas prices fall to lowest rate in 2+ years

Natural gas prices fell to a 25-month low on Monday, dropping as much as 5% as the milder-than-expected winter rolls on.

The drop came despite news that a key LNG export hub in Texas looks to restart operations.

Bird flu vaccine tests set to begin

For the first time in years, scientists will soon begin testing flu vaccines for birds.

Concerns about the avian flu strain currently circulating have risen in recent weeks after it became evident that it spread from birds to several mammals, including otters and foxes.

Nearly 60 million birds had to be killed in the U.S. last year due to the bird flu, sending egg prices soaring.

Record-breaking Super Bowl for sportsbooks

Super Bowl LXVII on Sunday was the first Super Bowl played with sports betting legal in some states.

FanDuel said it was taking 50,000 bets per second at its peak.

DraftKings paid out $2.68 million to one bettor on the Chiefs’ win.

Survey: 43% of couples skip Valentine’s Day gifts

According to a new survey by Yellow Octopus, 43% of couples have decided to skip giving presents on Valentine’s Day due to inflation, and searches for “Valentine’s Day gifts” are down 56% this year.

Yellow Octopus also found that 61% of respondents that were in a relationship — and said they weren’t buying any Valentine’s Day gifts this year — also stated they would break up with their partner if they didn’t receive one.