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Wednesday’s business headlines

The new McDonald's cheese Danish goes on sale on September 14. (Photo by McDonald's.)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Wednesday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Apple expected to unveil new iPhones on Wednesday

Apple is holding a launch event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California on Wednesday.

The company is expected to announce new iPhone models, just as it has every September since 2012.

While no one knows exactly what Apple will unveil today, leaks indicate it will be 4 new iPhone models with faster processors and better cameras.

Cybersecurity experts warn of Venmo scams

Did someone ‘accidentally’ send you money on Venmo?

You might be getting scammed.

Cybersecurity experts say that if you are accidentally sent money, don’t refund it and tell the sender to work it out with Venmo.

Venmo is not the only app where this scam takes place, but because it’s so popular, scammers can find the most targets there.

Sports betting enters ‘holiday season’

We are entering the “holiday season” for sports betting.

As the NFL season gets underway, sports betters are seeing more activity.

A majority of U.S. states, including Indiana, have legalized sports betting in some form. Last year, the industry brought in $57 billion, a total that is expected to be surpassed this year.

There are 5 major sports betting sites in the u.S., with FanDuel being the largest by revenue.

Majority of IT pros say their company was hit by a cyberattack in the past year

A majority of IT pros, 61%, say their company experienced a cyber-attack or breach in the past year, according to Zerify.

Zerify researchers say nation-state cyberthreats have increased, and they are particularly concerned about foreign attacks impacting video conferencing.

McDonald’s adds cheese Danish to fall menu

Mcdonald’s will add a cheese Danish to the fall menu on Sept. 14.

It’s a way to shake up the seasonal menu in a world of apple and pumpkin, the fast food giant says.

The Danish, described as “a flaky pastry filled with sweet cream cheese and topped with a buttery streusel and light vanilla drizzle,” is also a bit of a blast from the past. McDonald’s sold a similar pastry in the 1980s.