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Can you guess what this is? Mystery animal found in Florida

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – An Orange County, Florida, wildlife sanctuary is caring for what they’re calling a mystery animal that was found hiding under a car last week.

The Back To Nature Wildlife Refuge said the animal appeared to be cold and weak when it was found last Friday.

“A volunteer of ours reached out to ask us what it was. We advised them to safely trap it and bring it in, as it appeared weak and cold,” the rescue group wrote on Facebook. “This sweet girl was very scared and weak on arrival. She’s had a rough few days and her health has dwindled. She is now with our vet receiving extra care.”

Then the group asked its followers to “guess what she is.”

In an updated post, they said she was a hairless raccoon.

“We speculate that she suffers either from alopecia or a genetic mutation that she was born with. She does not have mange. Since her arrival (photo taken yesterday morning), her health has been declining. She is currently with our vet and will be in 24hr care.”

Sadly, it appears the critter’s health is declining.

“She’s battling an infection that has taken a toll on her quickly. She’s in 24 hr care, on an IV drip, antibiotics, tube feeding, etc. Please keep her in your thoughts,” the group said on Facebook.