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Carmel firefighters get new fire ‘homes’

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) — Firefighters in Carmel are now living in rented homes while one station is being torn down and another is being renovated.

A bond is funding the work that’s being done. Station 44 is being rebuilt and Station 43 is being renovated.

The department says the move into two homes, near Mohawk Trails Elementary School, is a lot cheaper than renting temporary trailers.

And they say they’re only about a mile away from their station locations, so the response time is nearly identical when they make a run.

One of the biggest things the guys have had to get used to is having individual rooms.

“The neighbors actually have been wonderful,” said Tim Griffin, Carmel Fire Department PIO. “It’s been great, the first couple days they were in, they had several neighbors bringing them different dishes. They told me they had a cobbler that was amazing, so the neighbors have been very welcoming.”

Griffin says the firefighters are working to not wake up their neighbors when they go out on night runs.

They try not to blast their horns, but also make it safely and quickly to fire calls. They should be back in fire stations within a year.