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Companies offer jobs, rides home for former Celadon employees

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A day after Indianapolis-based Celadon trucking filed bankruptcy and closed its doors, some of thousands of former employees are getting help in the form of job offers and even rides home from other companies.

Many employees say they’ve been stabbed in the back by Celadon. As they scramble to put their lives back together, they’re not alone.

As Celadon employees left their trucks and their jobs this week, many felt betrayal taking a look at the big Celadon logo plastered all over 33rd Street.

“It hurts,” said David Sampson, a former Celadon employee. “The closer I got to here — to Indy — the more it hit home. You know? I was living in the truck. I’ve lost my stuff, except for one bag of clothes. That’s it, and I got my car.”

But as soon as people started hearing the news that nearly 4,000 people were losing their jobs, the public and other trucking companies wanted to pitch in to help.

“I think the Indianapolis community is pulling together because nobody wants to see themselves in this position or this situation,” said Ken Carter with Advanced Limousines.

Some companies put out the message to stranded drivers that they had a way home for them.

“If you can’t get a ride with our truck driver, we’re willing to buy you a bus ticket to get you back,” said John Paugh, Carter Express president and CEO.

Some trucking companies even set up outside Celadon to offer open positions to former drivers.

“It’s right before Christmas. These people have families; they have kids they need to take care of and supply Christmas for. So we just want to be sure that they can take care of their families and have a steady income and we can get them a job,” said Natasha Mendoza, a recruiting manager with Centerline Drivers.

Former Celadon employees said they were  overwhelmed by the show of support.

“I have a special thanks to CRST,” Sampson said, holding back tears. “They helped me out with no strings attached.”

But after being backstabbed, some drivers said it’s hard to trust another company.

“Do we just jump at the first offer?” Sampson asked. “What if it’s worse than Celadon, you know?”

All three of the companies in this story are hiring everyone from drivers to logistics and administration.

Careers with Advanced Limousines can be found here.

You can apply for Carter Express here.

Centerline Drivers Jobs can be found here or by calling Tasha at 317-474-5203.

Also, look in the Facebook comments of this story, where many businesses have posted contact information for former Celadon employees.