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Kokomo neighbor reported finding decapitated dog months before FBI raid linked to animal cruelty investigation

KOKOMO, Ind. (WISH) — One person was arrested Tuesday after federal agents raided a house in southwest Kokomo in connection with an animal cruelty investigation.

Federal prosecutors and FBI officials declined to identify the suspect or confirm details in the pending case.

Charging information was not available Tuesday night. 

Authorities confiscated “truckloads” of evidence from the house, located at the corner of Zartman and Malfalfa roads, according to neighbors.

Brian Foster, whose family lives directly across the street, said his wife initially thought their neighbor was selling old belongings when she saw people walking out of the house with bags and boxes.

“She actually thought it was an auction or something,” he said, laughing.

His tone changed when he began discussing the investigation.

Foster had been concerned for months about possible animal abuse, including mummification and other forms of torture, at his neighbor’s house, he said.

In April, he contacted local authorities to report finding a dead dog in a nearby field.

“It had been decapitated. The belly was slit up and down,” Foster told News 8. “After I drove down the road and I came back, the head was in the road and it wasn’t there when I first drove by.”

The dog’s injuries did not appear to be consistent with a vehicle accident or attack involving another animal, he added.

Foster said he also alerted authorities to graphic photos and videos of suspected animal cruelty on his neighbor’s Facebook page.

“We worry about [our grandchildren’s safety]. We’ve tried to monitor the situation and really keep an eye on things,” he told News 8.

The Kokomo Humane Society did not immediately respond to inquiries from News 8.

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