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Don’t wake the house! When kids get up too early on vacation

Kid-ing with Kayla: sleep schedule on vacation

On vacation, it’s normal for children to sleep poorly in a new environment but what do you do when they are up at the crack of dawn and the rest of the people in the house are still sleeping?

Kayla Sullivan experienced this on a recent trip to California and talked about the common parenting issue on her segment, Kid-ing with Kayla on Monday.

It’s considerate to keep your child from waking up everyone else on vacation. “Life.Style.Live!” co-host Cody Adams discussed a time another family wasn’t so kind and woke everyone up on their beach trip.

In the satirical report, Kayla explained how she kept her son busy by unpacking the suitcase with him, giving him an iPad and even resorting to a morning lollipop to keep him in the room and quiet.

At the end of the report, Kayla hears a toilet flush and goes to investigate if the “torture” is over and others are finally awake in the rental home.

If other guests aren’t awake, what is an appropriate time to allow your kid to be up and walking around the house? The hosts agreed 9am is safe.

Another option is going for a car ride if you can, playing outside, or watching TV on a low volume.

You could be rude and wake everyone else up, but host Cody confirmed you’d be risking a grumpy group for the rest of the trip.

Parents could always get their own rental home or hotel room, but Kayla recommends bending the candy and screen time rules in the name of considering others and their sleep!

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