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High school students explore jobs with robots

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — Local high school students on Friday got to be among the first to use new robotics equipment.

Students from Arsenal Tech and Purdue Polytechnic high schools got hands-on training on programming and using warehouse robots.

The robots helped teach students about supply chain and logistics technologies for future job options.

Lonzell Mobley, a student at Purdue Polytechnic, said, “I want to look further into the profession because now I know that the supply and demand are a thing, but I didn’t know how far they went cause logistics, in terms of suppliers and things like that, so now I feel like that might be a more viable career opportunity for me.”

The technology used in the robots is the same technology people would see in a warehouse.

The event happened at the education center Made@Plainfield, 1610 Reeves Road, near Plainfield High School.