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IPS reorganizes district for 2023-2024 school year

Enrolling students for next year at IPS

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Public School district is ensuring families have the information they need about the upcoming school year.

For the first time, no matter where you live in Indianapolis, students can attend any public school in the city. This is part of the Rebuilding Stronger program the district began working on a year and a half ago.

“We noticed that some students were getting great experiences in the arts and learning foreign languages and advanced math we didn’t have that available for all, said” IPS Superintendent Dr. Aleesia Johnson.

Parents can expect changes throughout the district at every level, from pre-k through high school.  

“We know as a state our business leaders and our government leaders talking about how we develop a strong talent pipeline. We believe that starts at the younger grades, exposing them to things like STEM,” explained Dr. Johnson. “We are doing a grade reconfiguration where we will have pk-5 and 6-8 more traditionally known middle school experience.”

For high school students, there are over 32 career pathways and access to advanced academic options at any IPS high school. It’s a range of offerings that has never been possible before. 

Now, students no longer need to test in the “high-ability” area of math and English language arts to be accepted in the honors program. “This is about expanding access for all our students to be able to participate in the programming that we know will provide them with a rigorous experience.”

“In IPS, there is a place for you and your child. We see our diversity as our superpower. There is a home for all kids, regardless of their identity, regardless of socio economical background, regardless of their strengths, or what they need to work on. We know that there is a school community that will be a great fit for them, so whether that is STEM or the arts, whatever sparks your child’s interest, there is a home for them at IPS.”

Open enrollment began Nov. 1 and runs through April 19. There is a two-round enrollment window, and to enroll your student, create an account at The application deadline for Round 1 is Jan. 24, with results released on Feb. 22. The application deadline for Round 2 is April 19, with results released on May 16.