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EMT: Stop cutting off ambulances in inclement weather

EMT: Stop cutting off ambulances in inclement weather

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain Wednesday night left roads across central Indiana slick with slush and ice.

Crews in News 8’s Mobile News Tracker observed at least four vehicles that had slid off the roadway into ditches along U.S. 31 between Westfield and Bunker Hill.

Deteriorating road conditions and careless driving habits could be a lethal combination, authorities warned.

Multiple drivers were observed making abrupt stops, attempting unsafe lane changes and following closely behind semi-trucks along U.S. 31.

Chelsey Childers, an emergency medical technician (EMT) with American Medical Response, was tasked with driving an ambulance in Wednesday’s inclement weather.

“It started out not horrible at all,” she told News 8 at a gas station. “And then, the farther north we went, [the more] we got the ice and the snow mixed in.”

She and her partner were prepared to respond to a possible influx of weather-related emergency calls, she added. 

Childers urged other drivers to keep the safety of first responders in mind.

“Yes, [we’ve experienced] a lot of cutting off,” she said. “You think [drivers would] see a big ambulance and they’d have a little bit of regard but not many people care. I don’t think they take into account how much harder it is to stop an ambulance than just a small vehicle… Just pull over if you see the flashing lights. Slow down.”