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Great American Spit Out targets smokeless tobacco use

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – ESPN college basketball analyst Dan Dakich plans to help Quit Now Indiana kick-off a statewide anti-tobacco campaign to educate Indiana residents about the dangers of smokeless tobacco.

Dakich is a former Hoosiers player, Indiana’s interim head coach in 2008 and a former tobacco chewer. He’s challenging men to quit, saying adults need to send the right message to young people.

This is “Through With Chew” week and “The Great American Spit Out” is Thursday.

Smokeless tobacco includes chewing tobacco, dip and snuff. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, health problems associated with smokeless tobacco include cancer of the esophagus, lip cancer, tongue cancer, mouth cancer and pharynx cancer. Smokeless tobacco use can also increase the risk for death from heart disease and stroke.