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Gym to open for kids of all abilities in Greenwood

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) – A new gym is opening in Greenwood on Saturday and it will be a place where kids of all abilities can work out.

The new gym is called “We Rock the Spectrum” will help kids with special challenges work out and have fun. The gym owner says that it’s a place for all kids no matter their ability. It will also give kids a sensory friendly space to play as they are.

It’s the first gym of its kind and owner Amy Phillips said the idea comes from California. She decided the gym needed a place in central Indiana.

“I’ve been a special needs teacher for 18 years. This is my passion. This is what I enjoy doing. When I heard about this, I said, you know what, I really want to be the one to bring this to the community. The community needs this. The kids need this place,” said Phillips.

The gym was designed for kids with autism and other developmental disorders in mind, but is open to kids of all abilities.

“All of the equipment is specialized for kids that have special needs, but appeal to kids who are typically developing as well,” Phillips said.

One of the signature features of “We Rock the Spectrum” is something you wouldn’t typically find in a high energy gym. It’s a calming room, a place where kids can get away for some peace and quiet.

“While kids are visiting the gym, if they feel over stimulated or they just want a quiet place to get away, take a break from the noise, spend some time by themselves, they can come in here and use this space, they can sit in the tent, they can sit on the bean bag, read some books,” shared Phillips.

Phillips said she is excited to walk the kids through the doors for the first time on Friday when the gym opens.

The gym is 3000 square feet of space that’s open for kids and adults of all abilities. Customers can pay per visit or sign up for a membership. Classes and even birthday party packages are also being offered.

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