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Health Spotlight: Stroke cases rising among younger adults

Health Spotlight: Stroke cases rising among younger adults

(WISH) — Traditionally, a stroke was considered to be a condition primarily affecting older adults.

But in recent years, doctors have noticed a disturbing trend in the rise of stroke cases among younger adults, a demographic that was once considered low-risk.

Experts point to poor lifestyle choices as the main risk factor.

Smoking, unhealthy diets, a lack of exercise, and increased stress have played a role because they lead to problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity.

But, one risk factor most people don’t consider has to do with chiropractic adjustments.

Doctors say forceful and rapid neck rotations during these procedures can potentially cause damage to the vertebral arteries supplying blood to the brain stem.

News 8’s Brittany Noble has more in this video report.

This story was created from a script aired on WISH-TV. Health Spotlight is presented by Community Health Network.