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Hendricks County woman coordinates Christmas for eight families in need

PITTSBORO, Ind. (WISH) — A Hendricks County woman is motivating an entire town to come together and provide a Merry Christmas to several families in need.

Shawn Brown is a working mother of three, but right now much of her time is filled with organizing, gift-wrapping, and bringing out the Christmas spirit in the Pittsboro community.

“I really was wanting to help a single mom, because I know what’s it’s like to get help at Christmas,” Brown said.

She decided Facebook was a good place to begin her holiday help venture.

“So I started making posts on our All Things Pittsboro community page… and it just took off like crazy. It’s been incredible,” Brown said.

She’s no stranger to those in the town of just 3,500 people.

“They know me. I’m born and raised here,” Brown said.

She’s known as bubbly, out-going, and a pusher of positivity.

“I really wanted to be intentional to use my God-given talent to be a community liaison so-to-speak and just help my community be healthy and strong,” Brown said.

A couple years ago, she started posting “Meet Your Neighbor” videos on the town Facebook page. She also helped those with property damage in nearby Brownsburg after tornadoes this summer.

“I wanted to help them all,” Brown said.

But “Merry Christmas from Pittsboro” as she calls it, is her biggest venture yet. She’s adopting seven Hendricks County families this Christmas, all lead by single-mothers, and another couple in need. But she’s not doing it alone.

“I just knew that they would step up. I knew that Pittsboro residents have big hearts and that they would come through and they have,” Brown said.

Not just gifts, but spa services for the mothers have been donated. People have donated a van, a washer and dryer, plumbing services, food baskets, handwritten notes, and more.

“I think just positive words and affirmations can be incredible to someone, like really make a difference in helping them to take another step forward,” Brown said.

Brown said she was inspired by the kindness she received years ago after a divorce and job loss left her struggling during the holidays.

“It’s just hard when you’re going through those kind of things. There’s so many emotions going on and you’re trying to land on your feet and keep all the balls in the air,” Brown said.

Someone brought her family a pile of presents that year and now she’s returning the favor and urging others to reach out a helping hand as well.

“I just really want to encourage people to like open your eyes and look around at the things that are around you and see, how can I use my gifts and talents to make a difference in my community,” Brown said.

If you would like to contribute to the Merry Christmas from Pittsboro effort, contact Shawn Brown at 765-366-9270. Brown hopes to gather all donated items by Sunday, Dec.11th, in order to get them to the families by Christmas. She is looking for someone to donate electrician services and also needs help with wrapping and delivering the presents.