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Hoosiers stock up on salt in preparation for winter storm

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Customers at Sullivan’s Hardware and Garden were stocking up on salt and shovels as they prepared for the winter storm on Sunday night.

Pat Sullivan owns Sullivan Hardware and Garden. He said they were getting ready for spring before mother nature decided to give us a last minute taste of winter.

Sullivan’s has been in business since 1954 and have seen their fair share of winter storms. They said that’s gotten them ready for anything. That doesn’t make it easier for them to calculate how much ice melt they need each year.

He said because the winter has been pretty mild, many hardware stores were reluctant to purchase a lot of inventory.

“You get two or three years where snow and ice doesn’t come and you start backing off because that’s a lot of dollars in inventory, especially when it starts getting later. Here we are in mid February. I kind of wonder across the city what supplies are like.” said Sullivan.

Even though Sullivan’s said they are keeping supplies pretty thin, as of right now they do have enough for customers trying to get through this winter storm.

Sullivan also suggested to make sure to sweep up the salt once temperatures warm up because it could be harmful to your grass, car and pets.