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ISP search of Wabash River concludes, police not saying if anything was found

PERU, Ind. (WISH) — The five-week search of the Wabash River in Miami County is over. The big question still looms, is it connected to the murders of Abby and Libby in Delphi?

Indiana State Police confirm to I-Team 8’s Richard Essex that police have concluded their search of the Wabash River in Peru.

State police would not confirm what they were searching for, or what they may have found.

The search appears connected to Kegan Kline, the suspect in the “anthony_shots” child porn case that’s also connected to the Delphi murders.

The search began Aug. 19, the same day a court allowed state police to take custody of Kline under a sealed order.

Aine Cain and Kevin Greenlee of the podcast “The Murder Sheet” have been following developments related to the murder of Libby German and Abby Williams.

“Obviously Indiana state police did not go on the record saying that but we had sources who did tell us that it was Delphi related,” Aine Cain said. 

The search of the Wabash River in Peru started near the Nickel Plate Trail Bridge and extended west past the US 31 bridge.

Greenlee is a lawyer and says the process of the search has to be well documented. 

“If you find something there or even if you don’t find something there, you want to potentially be able to stand up in court and say we did everything right,” Greenlee said. 

I-Team 8 traveled to Peru to witness the search.

The lion’s share of the search was conducted by hand, although I-Team 8 did see a few people with metal detectors. Under the bridge, I-Team 8 saw a pile of metal and other objects collected by the team. 

“We feel the Indiana State Police, not just in the terms of this water search but throughout the whole Delphi investigation, have poured almost unlimited amounts of resources into the case and one of the things that got us interested in this case, is we believe that Indiana State Police, like any other governmental agency, needs to be held accountable to the people of Indiana,” Greenlee said. 

Kline’s father lives just a short distance from the bridge. I-Team 8 stopped by his house recently to ask him if he knew anything about the search and why state police took temporary custody of his son from the Miami County Jail. The elder Mr. Kline didn’t come to the door.  

In two August court filings, Kline’s attorney said his client was “exploring other legal options” and negotiating with the prosecutor. 

“I have no comment at this time,” Kline’s attorney wrote in response to an I-Team 8 email.

Police have not announced any arrests associated with Delphi murders. Kline is being held in the Miami County Jail on 30 child pornography charges and is due back in court on Oct. 20.